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Friday, February 5, 2010

Eco Tools gave me the opportunity to try some of their products. It was such an eye opener- I've used make up my whole life and never realized the difference professional brushes could make on my face, which brings me to the wonderful products at Eco Tools.
"Taking care of yourself and the environment never looked better. Enhance your beauty and bathing experience with products that will help you look great while showing respect
for the planet." This is their stance on Eco-Friendly Tools they logo pretty much says it all- "Good for you, Good for the Planet"
This year in February 2010 EcoTools joined with celebrity make-up artist Meredith Baraf to launch their new brushes I got to try these brushes. I received a 5 piece eye set and bronzer brush check out how great they look!

The eyeshadow brush kit was definitely a well worth purchase at only $7.99 this 6pc. set is worth every penny! Each brush is not only designed for a different purpose but it tells you the purpose right on each brush the 6 pieces include a smudge brush, a shade brush, a highlights brush, a crease brush, and a blend brush. I used the smudge brush for my eyeliner and it worked like magic the make-up artist Meredith Baraf says it's all about smudging especially the eyeliner and will help with the smokey eye look! The shade brush was great and helped to really emphasize my creases or liner when applying make-up. The highlight brush is rounded on the bristles so it's great for the brow bone and for all over color on the eye. The crease brush is angled so it's perfect for the crease! The blend brush is angled up on both sides to form a very soft tip that is perfect to pull your eye colors together. All of these brushes are unbelievably soft and feel like silk across your skin not to mention I very quickly realized I was using less make up because of these brushes and it was lasting longer. The case is also awesome it protects your brushes while giving you a great way to carry them! The little mirror inside also is really handy for those quick touch ups! I received compliments immediately after starting to use these brushes all my co-workers wondered what I was doing to make my make-up look so professional- it felt good to tell them I'm using Eco Tools professional brushes that benefit the world and my makeup :) The bronzer brush is absolutely the new love of my life!! It's awesome I love to use it with bronzer, blushes, and mineral powder for my face. It's perfect to stop that feared make-up line and produce complete coverage!! The brush is only $9.99 - but worth a whole lot more. This brush is the epitomy of a beauty tool-
So the tools helped tremendously with making my make up look outstanding but I'm also going to share these AWESOME beauty tips and video tutorials which really helped me with getting the looks I want and my makeup to look professional. Let's start with the video's
* A cunning cat-eye (
* A flawless face
* A sultry smoky eye (
* A touched-up face for day to night (
If you watched these- you really get that first hand view of how to put your make up on and look just like a model. What I liked the best- it really lets you know that anybody (THAT MEANS YOU AND I) can get these looks- and with Eco-tools it makes it even easier! I'm going to leave you with some tips, and soon I'll be posting the EcoTools Giveaway so if you want an extra entry leave a comment on this review with your favorite tip from one of the video's or all of them. Make sure to leave your comment on the Review and then once I post the giveaway I'll know who left comments and will receive an extra entry. Here's the rest of the tips!!

STEP #1: Line with a pencil
The key to this look, says Meredith, is continuous blending and smudging.
Start with an eye liner pencil, and apply along the upper lash line - don't
worry about getting a perfect line, because you'll be blending it out soon!

STEP #2: Smudge
Go back with the EcoTools Smudge Brush, and sumdge the pencil line up and
outward -this will help smooth out any hard lines.

STEP #3: Intesify with shadow
Take a shadow (the same color as your liner) and go back over the pencil to
set and intensify the line with the same EcoTools Smudge Brush. The eye
should really be taking on that smoky look at this point!

Step #4: Blend
Using the EcoTools Blending Brush, blend the line upward in order to
gradiate the color. You want the shadow to vary in intensity so that the
look is subtle and sexy, not harsh.

Step #5: Highlight
Run the EcoTools Highlighting Brush through a light, shimmery shadow and
apply under the brow and also in the inner corner of the eye for a pop of
brightness amongst all the dark smokiness.


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Natalie A. February 6, 2010 at 1:08 AM  

I love their products! Fun review!

Emily B February 6, 2010 at 7:15 AM  

I have one of their eyeshadow brushes and I love it!

carolynishis February 8, 2010 at 5:56 PM  

great review.i love the natural products too.I follow on twitter as carolynishis.

~Shelley~ February 19, 2010 at 1:25 PM  

Happy Friday!! Visiting from "Follow Friday" and I'm a follower! Love for you to come follow me!

Have a great weekend :)
~Shelley @ Shelley's Swag

Simply Stacie February 21, 2010 at 7:45 AM  

Following you from the Friday Follow!

Heather McDougle February 22, 2010 at 2:14 PM  

Great review!

I'm following you from Friday Follow!

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