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Monday, March 15, 2010

Allure by Jen is an absolutely fabulous Etsy Shop. First if you haven't gone to visit the site I strongly urge you to take the time to do so. While most make ups are pretty generic in coverage and foundations Allure by Jen took an approach unfamiliar to me. They offer concealers in multiple different colors and each color offers a different type of coverage. Not only is Jenn is so friendly she helped me to understand the different colors and how each helps with coverage in a different way. I'm going to share her professional outlook
Let me introduce you........
- Lavendar Concealer- This is wonderful for getting rid of any yellow or overly sallow tones that you might have
-Blue Concealer- This brightens your complexion and neutralizes any orange tones that you might have -just in case some of us have had a run in with the rub on tans this is perfect!!
-Green Concealer- This is Jen's personal favorite and mine as well it's outstanding in neutralizing redness and disguising rosacea
-Yellow Concealer- Great for covering up general imperfections in your skin tone and brightening the skin
Golden Concealer- Covers up those dark circles under the eyes that we all get from time to time
Allure by Jen is so much more than a fabulous Etsy
"Mineral makeup is actually good for you skin. Many commercial brands of makeup attempt to hide imperfections with heavy pore clogging ingredients. My makeup is light and allows your skin to breath. With continued use you should see healthier more radiant skin. Why wake up, morning after morning, dreading what you will see in the mirror? With my makeup you can wake up to beautiful healthy skin that requires less and less "covering-up" every day. 15% of all sales (including shipping fees) are given to help those in need. This includes both giving to our local church and donations given in support of Israel. For more information please visit and . Thank you for stopping by and letting me serve all of your cosmetic needs.

So for the picture I wanted to show the dramatic results I got from using these products- you all are lucky because I may be CooCoo, but I'm not a fan of wearing no makeup, but this was a worthy cause. So on half of my face you can see where I used the make up and on the other half you can see where my imperfections are much more apparent. Best part this make up is easy to buff and after applying with a brush you can add more layers for more coverage with no make up buildup. My right side looks so much more refreshed and my blemishes are almost invisible! I was totally impressed and would definitely recommend these products to any of my readers. If nothing us go and check out all the other items her shop has to offer!!

I received the five samples of each color concealers. No other compensation was given. These opinions and results are my own and your may differ.


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USCGWifey March 15, 2010 at 8:14 PM  

That's awesome! How in the world od you get these Etsy shops to send you stuff?

Coo Coo Courtney March 15, 2010 at 9:14 PM  

Hey! I sent you an email to help you with your question- hope it's helpful!

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